Sumaya is a kind natured staff member and fits in well with the rest of the staff and culture of the practice.

Sanika Manhas
Practice Manager

Sanika is a mother of two young children and happily spends time between her roles as a Practice Manager and a young mum. She is enthusiatic about the Practice growth and helping in any possible way that she can.

Abby Gunawan

Abby like the rest of the staff welcomes you with a smile. She is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of Sydney, is professional and enthusiastic about contributing in the health sector.

Sachini Bandara

Sachini is currently studying Medicine and is always pleasant and happy to help.

Tiana Thompson

 Tiana enjoys customer service and is passionate about her role at the centre

Fadya Akkoui

 Fadya is a student and eager to take on this new role. She enjoys customer service and is pleasant and kind natured.


Elaina has been a part of team for a while now and brings with her , her passion for customer service and is calm and collected.

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